All About Dogs


Domestic dogs are the most widely spread abundant carnivore. They were the first domesticated species. They are very social to human beings. They differ widely in color, size, and shape. They are used for hunting, pulling loads, companionship, assisting the police and the military as well as herding. They are also used for therapeutic purposes as well as assisting disabled persons. Senior dog care is quite overwhelming. It is possible for one to keep several dogs in their household.

If you are keeping several dogs, ensure that you are the leader of the pack. Dogs recognize their owners as their leader where they respect them. Ensure that the dogs know that you are the owner of each resource including food, treats, attention, and toys. Train them a good behavior.

Provide the dogs their comfort zones by allowing them time to play, sleep comfortably and rest. They should not be distracted. This boosts their moods hence reducing fighting. Each dog should have their plate, blanket, and toys.

Keep the dogs busy by assigning them duties and spending much time with them. This allows them to recognize teamwork as it kills boredom. You should spend time with each dog. Make sure that you love them equally and this will make them feel like they are part of the family.

You should take care of your dogs and give them first aid services. It is important to learn the first aid procedures for dogs. Dogs are likely to suffer from food poisoning, heat stroke and chocking while at home and this calls for proper attention before the professional help comes into play. Attend to them in the right way during times of emergency.

When choked, they will produce a choking sound and difficulty in breathing as the symptoms. Take the immediate action to aid them. Take care as they are likely to bite because of anger and panic. Try to remove the foreign object and call the vet. Use pliers or tweezers. You can also drive to the vet if the object is out of reach. When exposed to toxic products, check for red eyes and pawing at the nose. Try to rinse the contaminant keeping away from the eyes.

When poisoned, you can observe for daggling, foaming and vomiting through the mouth. You can call the vet if these signs are noticed. Try to establish the poison. You can collect the vomit and examine it in an airtight container. First aid procedures are safe as they can save the dog during times of emergency. Therapy dogs can help you in the recovery of speech. They also relieve anxiety, help people with Dementia, assists children with autism as well as household chores. Know how old is my dog.

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